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What You Should Know About Diabetes.

What do you know about diabetes?

In 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that nearly 10 percent of the American population suffered from diabetes. That’s nearly 30 million people! If nearly one out of every 10 people has the disease, isn’t it important to understand it? Wouldn’t it be great to know how to control it? We thought so, too.

In its simplest terms, diabetes is a disease in which blood glucose levels are higher than normal. Complications can become exacerbated by poor diet, weight gain, smoking, and more, leading to a variety of negative effects and conditions.

We aim to treat this condition by focusing on whole-body health rather than just diabetes. By losing weight and making healthier eating choices, we can make the disease remarkably manageable.

The relationship between weight loss and diabetes

“Today, more than 1.1 billion adults worldwide are overweight, and 312 million of them are obese. In the past 20 years, obesity rates have tripled in developing countries that have adopted a Western lifestyle, with the Middle East, Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, India, and China facing the greatest increase. Consequently, the number of people with diabetes in these countries is expected to increase from 84 million in 2000 to 228 million by 2030.

For individuals who have progressed to pre-diabetes, both the Finnish Prevention Study and the Diabetes Prevention Program showed conclusively that intensive lifestyle interventions decreased the overall risk of the disease by 58%. Lifestyle interventions included a weight reduction of 5% or more, reduction of total fat intake to < 30% of total calories, and increased physical activity (≥ 4 hours/week). Even more encouraging is the report from the Finnish Prevention Study follow-up period averaging 7 years, in which the intervention group saw a 43% reduction in risk of diabetes. ” - American Diabetes Association.

Weight Loss can have a big impact on diabetes.

Although it might not cure type 2 diabetes in every case, getting to a healthy body weight does have that potential for many people. Even if it doesn’t completely cure the disease, losing weight may make it possible for people to take less medication. According to an article from the Mayo Clinic, it often helps manage or prevent some of the health problems that can come with the disease, too.

Simple Wellness targets your overall wellness, helping you manage and control your diabetes. You’ll lose weight, you’ll eat healthier, and you’ll feel better. As a result, your diabetes will become controllable, making it much less of a worry in your day-to-day life.

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