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Bio-Communication Technology

The Dynamic Nature Of The Human Body

Bio-communication technology: the dynamic nature of the body and the body’s unique ability to respond to subtle stimuli

At Simple Wellness, we are particularly interested in centuries-old conceptions of the energetic aspects of anatomy. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), this energy is commonly referred to as “qi.” Understanding qi—and how it can impact your wellness—is vital. Our tools, our decades of experience, and our educational assets can help!

Throughout history…

Beginning in the 1930s, French acupuncturists began experimenting with the electrical properties of skin. Interestingly, they discovered that acupuncture points are more electrically conductive than the surrounding tissue.

From there, in the early 1950s, this research was expanded by the celebrated German physician Reinhold Voll, MD. From his research, Voll collaborated in the design and development of a measurement device called the “Dermatron.”

The Dermatron measures the electrical potential of the skin by utilizing a stylus that could be manually applied to an acupuncture point. In this way, Voll discovered the skin’s energetic characteristics were reflective of the health or condition of the organ or body system associated with each acupuncture point. It was like scanning somebody’s insides from the outside, giving him a deeper understanding of their body’s condition.

Along with a number of colleagues, Voll used his technology to map hundreds of energetic points on the body and their corresponding relationships. To supplement this, part of Voll’s technique involved the testing of medicine. Voll discovered that when brought into proximity of the body, medicine affected the electrical characteristics of the skin being measured with the Dermatron.

As a result of this discovery, Voll developed an elaborate system of measuring points for the purpose of diagnosis and then introduced a variety of medicines until he found a combination that resulted in energetic balance to the acupuncture points.

Around 1980, American scientists and engineers began computerizing these processes. These computerized systems included the gathering and recording of data from the body.

Today, our process functions similarly! We utilize technology that provides indicators of where your metabolism and systems may be challenged. Then we determine the correct plan to bring you back into balance and into a life of health and wellness.

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