Becoming a Patient

At Simple Wellness Clinic, we make becoming a patient as simple as possible.

A Free Consultation

We offer every new patient a free consultation. After completing our questionnaire, you will meet with one of our specialists to discuss the concerns and challenges you may have about your health. Some of the most common concerns we discuss are chronic knee pain, shoulder issues, neuropathy, and challenges with unwanted weight gain.

The In-Depth Exam

Our in-depth exam provides important information about the underlying cause of your condition. If your exam findings meet the criteria for treatment at our office, we then discuss what your goals are and what approach will be most appropriate for you.

Your Wellness Plan

The purpose of any plan is to improve your quality of life. That usually means less pain, more energy and better ability to do the things that are important to you.

Maintenance and Future Visits

Once your wellness goals are achieved, we discuss strategies to help you maintain the progress you have made with the least amount of intervention and expense.